Nat Samrat – Stage Play

Nat Samrat: Stage Play

“Intelligence is a way of acting. Because if you act intelligently, you are smart!!”

Acting is not about being emotional but being able to express emotion. It is about how we think and encourage us to fantasize about a world we aspire to be in. Are you the one who gets fantasized by Shakespeare’s Hamlet or are an aficionado of ancient Sanskrit theatre? This stage play event at XLerate 2017 provides you with an opportunity to showcase your acting talents and muse the audience with extreme exaggeration of your feelings.

  • Number of actors in each group must not exceed 15.
  • Up to 3 extra people can be used for the other backstage/technical aspects. Of these, one person should be there for managing sounds. The remaining two can assist backstage we will provide 3 volunteers for the backstage help, if needed.
  • All sounds must be brought by the teams themselves, in CD or Pen Drive. All sounds MUST be in MP3 format only. Music may also be played live. In case of live music, the teams must bring their own instruments.
  • Teams have to arrange for their own props and costumes. However, they can avail 4 chairs and 2 tables as props. Sound system will be provided.
  • Time Limit- 60 minutes (max). On exceeding the time limit, points may be deducted, which is to the judges’ discretion.
  • Sticking on the backdrop is not allowed.
  • A short summary of plot (50-100 words) should be submitted before the main event.
  • Any obscenity or vulgarity may lead to immediate disqualification, as per the discretion of the judges.
  • Judges’ decision is final and binding, and is not disputable under any circumstances.
  • Play may be in Hindi or English
  • A black background and appropriate lighting will be provided.
  • Register your team with your college SPOC by 25th Jan, 2017.

For further details, contact Gauri Shankar (